Faq S

  1. Are you accepting new patients?
  2. Do you treat children?
  3. If I am un-insured, what is the average price range for an office visit?
  4. How long do I have to wait to be seen as a new patient?
  5. How long do I have to wait to be seen as an existing patient to the practice?
  6. What can I expect when I come in to the office for my visit?
  7. If I contact the office for a question, how long does it generally take to receive a response from the doctor?
  8. Do I need a referral to be seen in your office?
  9. How long does it generally take to receive skin biopsy results?
  10. Why won't my insurance pay for a DermatologistOnCall consultation?
  11. How often should I have a skin cancer screening?
  12. What types of skin procedures does your office perform?
  13. What type of sunscreen do you recommend?
  14. What kinds of cosmetic skin procedures does Dr. Seraly perform?
  15. Do you have a laser in your practice, and if not, who do you recommend?
  16. What is Mohs’ micrographic surgery?
  17. How much does it cost to have a mole removed?
  18. How do you treat warts?
  19. Do you treat nail fungus?
  20. When should I be concerned about a possible skin lesion being skin cancer?
  21. How does melanoma skin cancer differ from other forms of common skin cancer?
  22. What skin products do you recommend to help improve my overall skin health?
  23. How do you treat varicose veins and what is the cost?
  24. What types of treatments are available for hair loss?
  25. How long does it generally take before I see visible results using my acne medications?
  26. What type of follow-up care is required after being diagnosed with skin cancer?
  27. How safe is Accutane therapy?
  28. Am I allowed to purchase recommended skin products without being the patient in the practice?
  29. What over-the-counter products are good for dry skin and chapped lips?
  30. Can you treat dark circles under the eyes?
  31. What over-the-counter products do you recommend for treating a sun burn?
  32. What type of insurances does your practice accept?
  33. What are the doctor’s credentials?
  34. What kinds of problems does your office treat?
  35. What are your office hours?

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