How Do You Treat Varicose Veins And What Is The Cost

Dr. Seraly treats varicose veins with hypertonic saline which is essentially strong salt water. This procedure is called sclerotherapy. Hypertonic saline is safe and FDA-approved for treating leg veins. Dr. Seraly generally requires an in-office consultation prior to offering this procedure to ensure you are an appropriate candidate and do not have any contraindications for having this procedure. Dr. Seraly will refer to one of his regionally colleagues for laser leg vein or surgical leg vein removal if you are not an appropriate candidate for sclerotherapy.  Dr. Seraly charges $400/session which includes up to 10cc of hypertonic saline. Dr. Seraly has been doing sclerotherapy since 1991. For leg veins that are not amenable to injectables, Dr. Seraly & Associates work with local vascular surgeons who may be able to provide the expertise needed for satisfactory results.

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