How Much Does It Cost To Have A Mole Removed

It really depends upon the type of mole, the body location, and the clinical situation. Insurance coverage for mole removal generally applies whenever the mole is changing (size, shape, color or symmetry) in character or becomes symptomatic; meaning, painful, sore, itching etc. It is also reasonable to remove a mole and submit for insurance coverage if the mole is regularly traumatized (shaving distribution, hair combing, areas of friction from garments), begins to enlarge and obstruct a body opening, or enlarges around the visual axis obstructing vision. If the intent of removing a mole is because it is “not liked” or is perceived as “being ugly” by the patient, it is not reasonable to remove and submit the service to your insurance carrier. Dr. Seraly & Associates do remove moles for medically necessary reasons and for cosmetic purposes. Patients are required to sign an advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) agreeing to pay for mole removal for cosmetic purposes prior to the procedure. The price for this service is discussed in advance during the in office or online consultation visit.

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