What Skin Products Do You Recommend To Help Improve My Overall Skin Health

Overall skin health can be maintained by practicing “Sun Smart” behaviors, regular use of sunscreens with outdoor activities (even on cloudy days), wearing protective clothing (hats and UV protective sunglasses), avoiding tanning beds and taking 1000IU of Vitamin D daily. Optimal skin health is really all about reducing skin damage,most of which comes from sun exposure. To help improve sun-related skin damage once it occurs, there are many prescription products that can be used as well, as cosmetic skin procedures. Topical prescription hydroquinones or bleaching agents (e.g. Lustra Ultra) can be used to lighten dark “age spots.” The best overall treatment for age lines and wrinkles is topically tretinoin (or Retin A, Renova) which is only available by prescription. We are excited to offer a number of excellent cosmaceuticals in office for purchase that improve sun-related signs of aging. Consider contacting the office for a cosmetic consult so Dr. Seraly & Associates can determine what treatments are right for you. The cost of a cosmetic consult is $150.

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