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The American Telemedicine Association is the leading international resource and advocate promoting the use of advanced remote medical technologies. The ATA and its diverse membership are working to integrate and utilize to improve the quality, equity and affordability of global healthcare systems.

Established in 1993 as a non-profit organization and headquartered in Washington, DC, membership in the Association is open to individuals, healthcare institutions, companies and other organizations with an interest in promoting the deployment of telemedicine throughout the world. ATA is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the association's membership.

Mark P. Seraly, MD is a groundbreaking thought leader in the field of Teledermatology. Since 2005, he has performed appreciably more than 4000 e-Visits for patients seeking quality skin care online. Dr. Seraly holds the registrations (US Patent and Trademark Office) for the ACNE E-VISIT® and DERMATOLOGY E-CONSULTATION® [as well as the SKIN ADVICE CENTER®].

An ACNE E-VISIT® (Reg. No. 3,672,792 US Patent and Trademark Office/Canadian Service Mark serial No.1,466,495/ European Union Service Mark Serial No. 0084511701) is an online consultation for acne or rosacea care between a board-certified dermatologist and a new or established patient.

DERMATOLOGY E-CONSULTATION® (Reg. No. 3,178,807 US Patent and Trademark Office) is an online consultation service for skin, hair, and nail conditions between a board-certified dermatologist and a new or established patient.

Dr. Seraly believes all patients should have access to affordable and expert-directed skin care!

The Anneberg Circle started with 33 individuals who had an interest/and or specialized in dermatology, Since its inception in 1994, Annenberg Circle members have pledged to support and advance dermatological research. The organization also assists individuals with an interest in teaching medical and procedural dermatology. The mission is to develop leaders and innovators who will promote dermatology as the source of excellence for all patients seeking expert diagnosis and treatment of the full-range of skin conditions and diseases.